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syon park

Syon Park







Syon Park

The last privately owned country estate in London, Syon Park offers a magical yet friendly setting to welcome your guests. The principal floor of Syon House is offered most usually on an exclusive basis, and guests are welcome to view and enjoy the rooms, as well as having the option to have formal or informal tours.

syon park great hall

The Great Hall

The grand scale and splendour of the Great Hall resembles the Imperial Rome of a Hollywood epic with its splendid black and white marble flooring, echoing the ceiling pattern and decorative stucco work.

state dining room syon park

State Dining Room

The pinky-white and gold State Dining Room features marbles statues representing the mythological gods and goddesses of food and wine.

syon park great conservatory

The Great Conservatory

Ideal for drinks receptions, parties, dinners and private events every evening from April to mid-October, The Great Conservatory is perfect for a summer party, and music and dancing are encouraged!