The Qube Project is the ultimate club space, perfect for private parties in the heart of Victoria.

This quirky venue situated in the heart of Victoria is a fantastic club space which is perfect for a variety of private parties. The space has recently been refurbished to be made into an even better space for events.

Inside of the Qube Project are three different rooms, all of which are bespoke and have unique designs. In addition, the rooms also have art installations, 3D video mapping technology and beautiful décor – all of these features have helped create the best experience possible for guests.


Q1 Standing 500

Q2 Standing 200

Q3 Standing 100

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Venue Overview

The Qube Project is a versatile event space which allows people to make their event exactly how they want it – this can easily be done so with the ability to cover the venue in whatever branding, theme or colour scheme you want.

The central London location of this electric venue makes it even more attractive and easy to get to – this is especially brilliant for companies within London who are looking for a venue to hold their corporate event in. Other popular events which have taken place at The Qube Project have been drinks receptions, club nights, private dining to themed parties.

The first and the largest of the rooms is called Q1. Not only is Q1 the largest, it is also one of the most stylish of the rooms, with its chic and simple interior design of exposed brickwork, giving off an edgy vibe. Q1 features a 3D video mapping, making the space adaptable for any event. In addition, it can also have digital art of your choice displayed onto the walls, giving you the chance to add more personal touches onto your event.

The second room, which is called Q2 is where guests go to soak up the party spirit. This particular space is most suitable for drinks receptions or live acts. The contemporary event space is airy and can be transformed to look how you want it to, especially with the help of various installations and LED walls.

The final room being Q3, is filled with a cool interior design, perfect for partying in. This space is most suitable for drinks receptions or it can be used as a VIP room when hired out with the other rooms.

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the qube project london


The Qube Project, 191 Victoria St, London SW1E 5NE, United Kingdom